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I Need Volunteers

If your organisation currently involves or wishes to involve volunteers, we can offer advice, support with good practice, training and help with finding volunteers. 

Please see below for the services we offer. 

We will promote your volunteer roles to potential volunteers by putting them online on the national volunteering website
www.do-it.org through individual advice sessions with potential volunteers and with general promotion of opportunities.

Please download and complete the Opportunity Registration Form and return it to us so that we can help promote your need for volunteers.

Is your organisation or community group new to involving volunteers or are you formalising your volunteer involvement? Starting up a volunteer programme can seem quite a big piece of work and there are various things to consider.

Our Volunteer Centre can support you in providing information and advice on issues relating to volunteering to ensure that the experience is a good one for both you and your volunteers. For more information please contact Hambleton Community Action.

Part of our role is to promote good practice and support organisations in working with volunteers in the best possible way.

There is a variety of support and advice available for your group, from one to one advice on volunteering policies to training courses covering issues such as effective marketing and recruitment of volunteers, how to motivate volunteers and support and supervision of volunteers.

Managing and supporting volunteers can sometimes throw up difficult situations or leave you wondering what the best way to proceed may be.

Whether you have queries around legal issues, support needs or other issues around volunteering, we will support you by phone or email advice, individual meetings or tailored training.

To enable to you to implement good practice easily Volunteering England’s Good Practice Bank acts as a gateway to the world of volunteer management with links to information sheets, sample policies and a volunteer management portal. This is a fantastic resource for people managing volunteers.

Our Volunteer Centre can provide a range of training courses covering all areas of volunteer management/ involvement, in partnership with other Volunteer Centres across North Yorkshire. For more information please contact Hambleton Community Action.

Employer supported volunteering is when an employee’s volunteering is actively supported by the volunteer(s)’s employer and can take place during work hours, as opposed to in the volunteer’s personal time.

Employee Volunteering is for businesses who recognise the connection between the health of their business their employees and the well-being of the community in which they are located. Our Volunteer Centres can offer innovative businesses volunteering advice and support.

Business benefits of Employer Supported Volunteering:

  • Increasing employees’ commitment, morale and motivation
  • Enhancing the skills of employees
  • Improving levels of recruitment and retention
  • Improving public image
  • Encouraging team building and internal communication
  • Showing employees that they work for a company of which they can be proud
  • Creating networks with potential clients and partners

Employee benefits of Employer Supported Volunteering:

  • Developing new skills or improving existing skills
  • Making a difference to society and the environment
  • Meeting new people and mixing in teams
  • Exploring new situations and challenges
  • Building self-confidence
  • Changing or enhancing the way the individual feels about themselves and their employer
  • Having fun and adding variety to the daily work routine!